Settlement of Joensuu

Our association aims to strengthen people’s capabilities, sense of belonging and
wellbeing through social participation and people-to-people interaction in the
Joensuu-area. Moreover, we endeavour to create conditions for each individual to
build up their own foundation in life through empowerment and interpersonal trust.
Our activities include Youth Work, Senior Work, Community Work and Multicultural


Youth Work

Joensuu Settlement Youth Work is for children and youngsters aged between 7 and
22. Our association approaches youth work with a gender sensitive touch and our
emphasis is on a socioculturally specific approach.
Our Youth Work includes the Boys’ Den on Mondays and tbe Girls’ Den on Tuesdays
(from 3 p.m. until 7 p.m.). In addition we organize Themed Thursdays, voluntary Big
Sibling -activities, small groups and cooperation with local schools.
Big Siblings are adults over the age of eighteen who act as safe friends to
youngsters. Joensuu Settlement organizes Big Sibling training in the autumn and
spring for volunteers, who will be matched with their Little Siblings. Before any Big
Sibling is matched, their criminal records will be checked for the safety of the young.

Senior Work

Our Senior Work consists of recreational activity aimed at pensioners. These
activities involve voluntary activity, themed evenings, events and small groups. Our
open activity is organized in Joensuu, Noljakka, Eno, Uimaharju, Kiihtelysvaara,
Tuupovaara and Reijola. Participation in our activities is free of charge.
Senior Work’s weekly group activities include meeting places where you can
encounter people, drink coffee and join activities planned with others. Excursions,
music, guests, art, exercise, games… or whatever you may fancy! The most
important thing is to do things as a group, where everyone is comfortable. Our senior
work is open for all pensioners and does not demand continuous commitment; you
may visit the groups whenever suitable for you!
Senior Work volunteer activity includes acting as a group volunteer, when convenient
for you, or acting as a Senior Buddy to another pensioner. As a group volunteer you
may organize activities within a group with others. Senior Buddies spend time
together doing activities that interest both Buddies, such as going to the movies,
taking walks or gardening. Senior Buddies are given volunteer training when they
start the activity. 

Community Work

Joensuu Setlement Community work is a low threshold activity, which consists of
meeting place activity, volunteer activity, small groups and themed events. Currently
our community work is done in Joensuu in the suburbs of Utra, Penttilä, Rantakylä,
Marjala and Noljakka.
As part of our Community Work we also provide residential assistance to immigrants
and refugees through our cooperation with the City of Joensuu.

Multicultural Work

Joensuu Settlement organizes bi-monthly Global Friday from autumn to spring.
Global Friday is a multicultural meeting place, where people from all backgrounds
can get together in a social setting. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we ask that
participants sign-up beforehand for each event. If you wish to come to Global Friday,
please call or send a message to 040 0330 525.

Settlement Values

Our activities are guided by the Settlement Values:
Courage & Trust
Locality & Community
Equality & Equity

Data protection

You may find our data protection statement here (Data protection statement link) (in Finnish only). If you have questions about our data
protection, please contact the association’s Executive Director: